Partielle Differentialgleichungen

Partial Differential Equations II

Professor Dr. Martin Schmidt

Tuesdays 10.15am-11.45am in A5, Room C 012.
Thursdays 08.30am-10.00am in A5, Room C 012.

Tutorials (Tobias Simon): Thursdays 10:15am-11.45am in A5, Room C 115.


This lecture introduces methods of non linear elliptic differential equations. It assumes the knowledge of existence and uniqueness of weak solutions of the Dirichlet problem on bounded domains.

Intended Audience

Students of Business Mathematics in the Bachelor program or the Master program, and all interested students.


Analysis I/II and Lineare Algebra I.


The tutorials take place on every Thursday at 10.15 am. The exercise problems are to be handed in in the lecture on Tuesdays. If you have questions concerning the tutorials, please contact Tobias Simon.